North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un and his tightly-knit group of bodyguards. The government in North Korea is not ran well. The government is a 1-man dictatorship that supports communism. It is a strict government to its people. It does not allow anything that does not support communism in to the country. Kim Jong-Un is completely in control of  North Korea.   

A map of North Korea, it's capital, Pyongyang, lies in the Mid-South Western part of the country. North Korea is a very mountainous country. Most of its surface area is tall jagged mountains with deep valleys in between. It does not make it easy to farm so most of its food resources come from the ocean.    

A convoy in North Korea during a military parade. The trucks pull anti-aircraft gun and missiles behind them. North Korea's technology is very modern. They have almost all of the same weapons and the same technology as the United States. Just anti-capitalism versions of them. North Korea has also developed nuclear weapons and are assumed to be developing chemical and biological weapons also.    

Above is a chart comparing North Korea to South Korea. North Korea's economy is very low. The average person in North Korea makes $1,800 per year, whereas in South Korea the average person makes $32,400 per year. North Korea also spends around 23% of its annual spending budget on its army. In North Korea there is no middle class. You are either very rich or you aren't. The difference between the 2 was close a while ago, but recently the gap has been growing exponentially.  

Citizens of North Korea working to sell fresh produce on one of the very few farms that they have. It is not a civilized as in the U.S. They aren't as high-tech in everyday things like the U.S. Some areas of North Korea don't even have running water or air-conditioning/heating. Most of the North Korean citizens work in warehouses, factories, on the few farms, or work for the government.

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