James Madison

March 16, 1751 - June 28, 1836

impact/contribution of James Madison towards the Bill Of Rights

James Madison contributed to the drafting of the Bill of Rights along with the "Father of the Bill of Rights". Whom they call the "Father of the Bill of Rights", his name is George Mason. James Madison supported the Bill of Rights (but not immediately). At first, he personally believed that...one, he thought they were unnecessary because the Constitution had not granted the Federal government the powers that the Bill of Rights would guard against. Second, he thought they were dangerous because any rights not listed might be thought to be unprotected.  He was trying to crush the opposition to the new Constitution by taking away the issue that had the most potential to galvanize his foes. He still believed that a list of explicit protections was unnecessary, in terms of the structure of the new government. But he recognized that a list was politically necessary in order to guarantee the stability of the young nation. Later on he was convinced that the Bill of Rights would be good for the people, by listening to Thomas Jefferson's reasoning's.

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