The gotham religion

Our country was founded by the great Batman. It was founded when the Joker and Batman were fighting in the year 1930. When he defeated the Joker he claimed the land as Gotham.

Our people are called batties believe in the Batman who protects from the devil, The Joker who also has followers like the Penguin, Mr.Freeze, Hugo Strange, and Two-Face. Our people also love the deciples that followed the Batman like Robin, Batgirl, Alfred and Nightwing. They are called the Bat-Family. The reason why our people believe in Batman is because he protects us from danger like the Joker and also because he is so awesome.

   The type of music our people listen to is any form of rock, and any band but mostly bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Iron maiden...etc. We get our music from the people over at Suberbia owned by Lizzie.

Our currency is called U.S. dollars but with Batman on the dollar bill.  It works like the U.S. system does. Our economy is capitalist economy which is a free economy. Anyone can start a business without government control. The reason why is because this country is based on the U.S.


The devil who seeks to cause chaos but never succeeds because of Batman.
All the villains of the Batman and followers of the Joker

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