Comma rules

1One time you use a comma is when separating phraes that do not need to be there.  

Ex:My dog ,Melisa, is very crazy.

2When linking two independent clauses with a conjunction

Ex:I'd like to go to Disney world ,but I have to do my home work .

3When you are addressing some one in particular

Ex: Let's play,Billy.

4When making a list

Ex:We need eggs,dogfood,chips,soda,and candy.

5When you have one or more adjectives

Ex:The great,important, marvelous, Sarah!

6After introducing phraes or clauses

Ex:Once we eat,we will go to the park.

7The date

Ex:October 31st ,2013

8A letter

Ex: Have a good day . Love , dad

9The states and cities

Ex:Atlanta ,Ga

                                                 When not to use a comma

1When separating two independent clauses without conjunction .

2After the conjunction.

3Separating a dependent and independent clause with conjunction.

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