Banned Books Week Trivia

Enter to Win

This contest is for LBCC students only. You can enter the contest only once. Answer all the trivia questions about banned and challenged books. Don’t forget to submit your answers via the link at the end of the questions. The submission with the most correct answers will win a $25.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble. If there are multiple submissions with the same number of correct answers, then these will be entered in a drawing for the gift card. The winner will be contacted via email so make sure to provide a working email address.

Have Fun!

Why are books banned or challenged?

Books are either banned or challenged whenever someone feels that the content of the books are offensive, satanic, sexually explicit, unsuitable for the target age group, racist, etc. The American Library Association (ALA) provides a comprehensive list of banned and challenged books to inform the public. ALA does not support censorship and promotes intellectual freedom for all.

Question #1
Name the book

Question #2
Why was this popular book challenged?

Question #3
Name the book

Question #4
This movie was partially inspired by what book?

Question #5
This movie starring Christian Bale was inspired by the book with the same name. Name the book

Question #6
Solve the anagram.

Question #7
Name the book  

Question #8
Name the book

This Nobel Prize in Literature winner. It is about a group of stranded boys who become murdering savages.

Question #9
Name the book

Question #10
What school system challenged this book from the high school reading list because it contained "offensive language"?