SURPRISE Sprinkle for Baby Boy Ward

Monday, September 22nd 6:30PM Firehouse, Willoughby

Let's celebrated the soon-to-be (well, let's hope not that soon :)) Baby Boy Ward and "sprinkle" Michelle with love.  Michelle really does not want a big to do, hence the surprise.  So just a few friends getting together for dinner and ice cream (from Michelle's favorite Jeni's) at The Firehouse in Willoughby.

Please let me know if you are able to join.  I will be ordering a few apps and provide the Jeni's.  Everyone can order dinner.  

Cover is Michelle will be meeting Lyndsey & Tina for dinner at 7, so let me know if you will not be able to make it by 6:30.

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Sammy 3 years ago
Megan 3 years ago
Lyndsey 3 years ago
Teanna 3 years ago
Nikki (+1) 3 years ago

Krista will also be joining us!

Carrie 3 years ago
melissa6678 Organizer
Kathleen 3 years ago

Have fun!

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Beth Jackson 3 years ago

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