The Good and the Bad about Thinglink

I believe that thinglink has its pros and its con's overall I do think it is a good tool to know about because it can be used in different situations such as educational purposes. The things  that were good is that you could post pictures from the internet as well as pictures provided by the search bar on the websites search engine. What I do think is bad about Thinglink is that the icons that you click on to get your uploaded video are out of your reach it would be better if we could enhance them by having a variety to create our own with whatever color we choose.

How We Can Use Thinglink

Thinglink is a website were you can download pictures, add pictures, comments, as well as videos to the main picture. This is somewhat similar to Bing and its front screen pictures which include the little caption on the picture and the website that talk more in depth about it. There are a lot of ways in which Think link could be used which include in the classroom. This type of website can provide teachers with a tool to help explain topics with pictures and videos.

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