US Government Syllabus

Below you will see important information and dates for our US Government class. All information and dates are subject to change. If any changes are made, I will communicate them with you immediately

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Virtual Class

Time: Thursday 12:45pm-1:30pm

Virtual classes will be held once a week.

Virtual classes will deal mainly with current events. Attendance is not required, but highly encouraged.

There will be an assignment attached to each class. If you do not attend class, they will be recorded for you to watch.

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Topics and Units

Marking Period 1

  • Reasons for Government: Why do we need a government in the first place?
  • Political Influences for US Government: How did we come to have the government we have?
  • The Constitution: The document that is the blue print for our government

Marking Period 2

  • Legislative Branch (Congress): Lawmaking branch of the government
  • Executive Branch (President and Staff): Branch of government that enforces laws
  • Judicial Branch (Supreme Court): Branch of government that evaluates laws

Marking Period 3

  • Constitutional Freedoms: Free speech and expression with a focus on students/school
  • Political Parties: Their function and role in United States government
  • Voting and Elections: The right to vote and voting behavior
  • Interest Groups, Media, and Public Opinion: The role of interest groups in government. In addition, the role that the media (news, internet..etc) plays and how they effect public opinion

Marking Period 4

  • Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: Due process and equality with a focus on current topics
  • Social and Domestic Policy: Social programs, entitlements, and the New Deal
  • Taxing and Spending: Who gets taxed and where does the money go?
  • State and Local Government/Federalism: How do state and local governments operate?

Progress Check Dates

All work needs to be completed by the following dates in the marking period

Marking Period 1

  • Progress Check #1: September 22nd (9/22/15)
  • Progress Check #2: October 13th (10/13/15)
  • End of Marking Period 1: November 3rd (11/3/15)

Marking Period 2

  • Progress Check #1: November 24th (11/24/15)
  • Progress Check #2: December 18th (12/18/15)
  • End of Marking Period 2: January 19th (1/19/16)

Marking Period 3

  • Progress Check #1: February 9th (2/9/16)  
  • Progress Check #2: March 1st (3/1/16)  
  • End of Marking Period 3: April 1st (4/1/16)  

Marking Period 4

  • Progress Check #1: April 19th (4/19/16)
  • Progress Check #2: May 17th (5/17/16)
  • End of Marking Period 4: June 6th (6/6/16)

Quarterly Exam Dates

Exams that will test your overall knowledge from each marking period

Marking Period 1: October 26th (10/26/15)

Marking Period 2: January 5th (1/5/16)

Marking Period 3: March 15th (3/15/16)

Marking Period 4: May 31st (5/31/16)

Keystone Exam Dates

December 8th, 9th, and 10th

May 17th, 18th, and 19th

Online Textbook

There is no physical textbook for this class. There is an online textbook that you may use for reference, but it will not be the centerpiece for our class

Please use the following link to access the on-line textbook: TEXTBOOK

At the top click on ‘REGISTER
Go to the Students section and click ‘LOGIN
Enter the following:


Password: Paleadership13

**Password is case sensitive**

After logging in, click on the American Government textbook on the left side of the screen (should be the 2nd book down) to access the textbook as a resource for this class

This could be a good resource for class. It may help you in some areas.Let me know if you have any questions

PALCS Honor Code

The honor code of The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School addresses cheating, plagiarizing, lying and stealing.

Here is the link: PALCS Honor Code


The Class Announcements Blog has daily announcements, quotes, motivation, and other fun stuff. In addition, it contains instructions and videos for accessing the online textbook and Google Drive. You should be checking it regularly.

When new things are added, I will be sure to let you know.

The syllabus is subject to change. I will contact you if any changes are made.