My group got the jerboa

This is my jerboa tackk

The jerboas adaptations are it's long legs help it move fast from predidors,it has fur on its legs so it doesn't sink into the sand,it has big ears to hear far away,and it has big eyes to see in the dark cause it's noctunel.

They can eat bugs such as bettels and ants

Soft seeds are dandelion seeds

Some tree because it is hard to find surging plant beacuse on where it lives in desserts  

They live in China or African deserts here are pics.

There climate is In the day  it gets hot
like 100 f and at night it cool of and the degrees is 50 f

It lives in the deserts

Mad thory
Move: can't find a home
Adapt: a lot of food
Die: to many predors by its home

The rappied process might be a sand storm cus if the sand can blow and it's hard to see.

The first 4 animals are the chayote,roadrunner,meerkat,and the Turaanla.

The last animal is a caclaal .the first 3 plants are the barrel cactus Sargon cactus and the Joshua tree

The last to plants are the prickly cactus and the golden finge cactus

Fun facts
~The jerboa  can well adapted to the harsh desert temps.based on where in the desert it lives in.
~they love in burros
~owls, house cats, foxes, jackals are some of the jerboas paradors

The jerboa will live in these African deserts beacuse of the plants and a lot of places for its borrows or it's homes.

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