Fairies are tiny beings that possess powers. They have delicate wings and they fly with pixie dust. They would resemble a butterfly.

This is what a fairy somewhat looks like

Hard to catch, right?

Me and my book about faires

This book is a journal of a flower fairy. It also has information on fairies. I've learned a few things from it. It is called "Fairyopolis" and it's very interesting.

Fairies are usually found here in the us

My Opinion

In my opinion I have seen enough evidence and have been persuaded that fairies really are real. At first I was trying to be a little kid again by bringing back childhood memories. You see I have grown up a little even though I'm only twelve. But now I am excited to hear myself saying I think they're real. If you see this comment what you think and what's your opinion. Or show me more evidence. Thanks.

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