“whatever brings you down will eventually make you stronger”

By:Alex Morgan

"Alex Morgan"

I Believe

I believe in the game

the loyalty to the game is all that matters,

the love and passion to the game is all i need,

the ones that try to bring you down will regret what they say,

the people that don’t believe in you will believe when you prove them how wrong they are.

but at the end of the day, believing in yourself is all that matters,

I believe in my team mates,

I believe that without them right now, I wouldn't be who I am now,

I believe in victory cause victory will take you to the top,

and walking home with a trophy in you're hands is the best feeling in the world, cause your proving the haters that you are stronger than they thought you would,but not all of it is about the people that tried to bring you down.

And I believe in been strong and even if that say is the worst day you could still do what you want to do because passion and love to the game is the most important thing everyone else's voice is just secondary.

"Stay Strong"

My credo is “whatever brings you down will eventually make you stronger” by Alex Morgan. It means your mistakes will make you stronger.

Some people will always try to bring you down but thats gonna make you stronger, Because no matter what they say you gotta keep your head up and keep doing what you do. People will always talk but those who believe in you will always keep faith.

They are important to me because you have you to keep moving because like my mom says someone else's opinion is secondary it don't matter what matters is what you think about you're self. I will not let people bring me down. it is important to stick to these beliefs so i can be a better person and believe in myself.

Yes. Because as i grow i will see things differently. Not that I wont teach my kids this but i will still use the things that i have learned and still know how to believe in myself and not let people bring me down or anyone in my family down.

My credo is significant to me because whatever brings you down will make you stronger and even if it hurts you need to keep your head up as high as you can, Because there will always be times where you can’t do it no more but even if that day is like a tornado you need to stay strong because staying strong is all that matters.

By:Ximena Aleman

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