Causes of the American Revolution

By Jordan Simone

Navigation Acts (1651-1733)

A series of laws started by Britain to control colonial trade and shipping between the colonies. Everything shipped to America had to come to England first so that the ships would have to pay tax. Goods like tobacco, cotton, sugar, and more were only allowed to be traded through England. This made traders depend on England. This led to smuggling between the colonies. The smuggling started because of expensive taxes.

This was a factor towards the American Revolution because it showed that many citizens and traders disagreed with the Parliament and wanted to do things their own way by not paying the taxes and smuggling. Even if they did not smuggle this would still be a factor of the American Revolution because they would be fed up of the Parliament.

French and Indian War (1754-1763)

The French and Indian War (Also known as the Seven Years' War) was fought between Great Britain and and France. This was fought for the control of part of North America. This was named the French and Indian War because because Native Americans allied the French. The war was won by Great Britain and they won a lot of territory in North America, but it also left them in debt. This caused Great Britain to make taxes for the colonies. The colonies no longer needed so much protection from Britain now that French has been defeated.

This was a factor towards The American Revolution because it caused taxes to be started by Great Britain which caused boycotts from the colonists. They fought against the Parliament by boycotting goods with taxes from England.

Proclamation of (1763)

The Proclamation of 1763 was started by King George III to win over or calm down the Native Americans that sided against Britain during the war. It also helped the British expand the trade of fur. What it stated was that settlers could not claim land beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Colonists took offense to this (although Britain was not trying to do so) because the colonists planned to expand into western territory and they were being asked not to do so.

This was a factor towards The American Revolution because it caused the colonists to believe that the Proclamation was controlling everything they did. They thought that the British only wanted the mountains to keep an eye on them.

King George III who passed the act

Sugar Act (1764)

The Sugar Act was a tax on sugar to raise money in America after the French and Indian War. It was started because the British were in so much debt after the war. The colonists did not want to pay the taxes which led to them smuggling the sugar.

This was a factor towards The American Revolution because it showed that the colonists were rebellious against the British by boycotting sugar and smuggling it themselves.

Currency Act (1764)

The Currency Act was the start of paper currency issued by the colonies of British America. It was started to help British merchants from getting paid in depreciated money (money that is not worth as much as it used to) It was also started because colonists had shortages of currency so they could not conduct trade.

This was a factor towards The American Revolution because many merchants did not like the system. They did not like the system because other types of currency depreciated very fast. The Currency Act also caused a deficit between Great Britain and the colonists..

Stamp Act (1765)

The Stamp Act put a tax on all printed and paper goods. This was one of the first forms of direct tax. Direct tax is tax that the person pays instead of the person selling. Another way to say it is that the person sees the tax they are paying. Instead of them getting charged extra money and not seeing it, this time they see how much extra they are paying. The colonists thought that their own representatives could tax them and now that the British were directly taxing them made it much worse. This caused the colonists to become upset and led to boycotting. This also led to the Declaratory Act

This was a factor towards The American Revolution because the colonists started to boycott the taxed good that started from the Stamp Act. Once Britain realized they were no longer selling much because of the boycott they had to repeal the Stamp Act but at the same time they started the Declaratory Act, which basically stated that Britain was still in control.

Boston Massacre (1770)

The Boston Massacre was a street fight between British soldiers and a mob. The mob was harassing the soldiers by throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks at them. The mob was doing this because they thought that the soldiers were there to watch over them, when they wanted freedom. The soldiers were under a lot of pressure and the mob would not stop which eventually led to the soldiers firing into the crowd killing 3 of the men, and wounding another 8.

This was a factor towards The American Revolution because it was showed how "cruel" the British were. It also led to the British troops to be evacuated from the town of Boston. The colonists in Boston said to other colonies that this could happen anywhere and that we should stay away and separate from the British.

Tea Act (1773)

The Tea Act was started to help the British East India company and expand the trade of tea. The Tea Act allowed East India to sell a large tea surplus at low prices. Although there was only import tax on the tea and no other taxes it was still boycotted. The East India Company had tons of tea unsold.

This was a factor towards The American Revolution because it still showed that no matter what the colonists did not want to participate with the British. They would not trade or buy anything from them because they still had tax on the tea. I think that even if the tea did not have any tax they would still not buy it because of what they had done in the past. This could have also been a leading factor to the Boston Tea Party,

Boston Tea Party (1773)

The Boston Tea Party was a protest by the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty disguised as American Indians and boarded a ship coming to dock Boston. They got on and destroyed and dumped an entire shipment of tea sent by the East India Company. This was one of the direct causes of the American Revolution.

This was a factor towards The American Revolution because the colonists finally fought back. This was the last straw between the British Government and the colonists. They finally actually did something about it and it directly led to the American Revolution.

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