“I’m only human and I bleed when I fall down.” – Human, Christina Perry

These lyrics are from the song “Human” by Christina Perry. It is a very powerful song that I was grown to love.

This song is important to me because it makes me remember that on the inside, everyone is the same. Also, everyone has feelings. For example, when I’m fighting with someone or I’m just upset with a person, hearing this song reminds me that everyone is equal. People make mistakes and sometimes it’s not even their fault. Also if I want people to forgive me when I make a human error, I should forgive other people.

I can relate to the singer of this song, Christina Perry because my sister often gets mad at me for things that are either out of my control, or I didn’t mean to do. She gets very mad and uses strong words. I can really relate to the lyrics, “your words in my head, knives in my heart, you build me up and then I fall apart” because of this situation.

It’s like a water fall, no matter what you do, you can’t stop the water. Some things just can’t be controlled and in conclusion this song is important to me because I am, ONLY HUMAN.

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