8 Types of Graphic Design Products

The success of businesses in Singapore is attributed not only with the integrity and reliability of the product and services but also with the effective marketing strategies that were used to promote these items. Marketing is taken very seriously in Singapore and this is evident in the great number of singapore signage companies both in the rural and urban areas. The more popular signage companies possess the best in-house graphic designers in the nation. To understand the kind of work done by these employees, it is necessary to first understand the types of output created by graphic designers. Consequently, this article will reveal eight types of graphic design products.

Websites. Functionality and attractiveness of a working website is accomplished by graphic designers. Along with this, creation of banner ads and animated flash websites is also being incorporated in the job description of web designers nowadays.

Business cards. Freelance and company-based graphic designers like those who are employed by signage supplier singapore use their respective business cards as an example of their mini-portfolio. By creating their business cards, the designer has provided a glimpse of the scope of his or her expertise. Such expertise is not only revealed by the color combination used in the business card but also in the manner by which pertinent owner information are efficiently presented in the small size of the business card.

Advertisements. Magazine and newspaper advertisements are done by graphic designers along with company banners and moving signages. These marketing strategies are accomplished by designers because they have background knowledge of the customer analytics.

Logos. Brand names, symbols and logos are created by the company’s graphic designers. These employees work closely with the business executives in order to create the appropriate image that the company owners want to convey to the target customers and the general public.

Book designs. In printed media industry, graphic designers are tasked to create book covers and jackets or design the general layout of the book. Creation of original illustrations for narrative books is also accomplished by graphic designers.

Brochures. Leaflets and brochures, which are usable during mass promotion of the opening of new residential areas, are created by graphic designers. These employees incorporate the pictures of the on-sale houses into an effective and inviting design. Marketing strategies also command that the designer highlight the discounts that are being offered in the brochures.

Billboards. Billboards for movies, concerts and theatre plays are also designed by graphic designers. These people work with model photographers and brand owners in order to come out with large marketing banners.

Product Packaging. This kind of graphic design product takes a lot of time to accomplish. This is because product packaging is used by food and beverage companies for decades prior to replacement. Accordingly, graphic designers earn more when their packaging design is selected by the business owners.

The output of product designers is not limited in the eight product types discussed in this article. As technology improves, the scope of graphic design services will expand and more businesses will require the help of graphic designers.