Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel: Traveling Around the Globe

Richard Barry Nel is a highly dedicated and devoted journalist. He is currently one of the top writers for a travel publication based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. The publication sends him around the world in search of exciting and challenging stories that exist around other cultures and people. He has worked on pieces within the war torn countries of the Middle East and winter sporting events in the United States of America. He thoroughly enjoys his career as a journalist and travel essayist because it not only allows him to follow his passion for writing, but it allows him to pursue his dreams of traveling the globe. Ever since he was a young child, his parents emphasized the importance of travel and how it helps to develop an understanding of different cultures and people. Traveling is all about the experience one has with a new culture; the experience one has outside the realm of his or her comfort zone. The experience of travel is what Richard Nel hopes to convey in every one of his stories, whether it be serious news or just a fun travel piece. Due to his upbringing, he has traveled to much of the developed world.

Richard Barry Nel is an expert when it comes to travel. Traveling itself can often be a daunting task for people who aren’t experienced with being submersed in a foreign place. Learning what items are necessary and what items aren’t seems like an easy enough task, but you won’t know if you brought the right things until you do your research. Richard Barry Nel explains in a piece regarding tips for first time travelers that not only what, but how much you bring can either make or break a trip. He likes to pack as lightly as possible in order to be more ready for any activity that may spontaneously arise.

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