Museum Exhibit: Early hominids

''Doubly wise man''
By: Bailey Wielhouwer

Homo sapiens sapiens

Doubly wise man aka homo sapiens sapiens had a high rounded skull and a large brain that is why they knew how to make a lot of tools. They had small teeth and very slender bones.

Doubly wise man lived in Africa, Asia, Antartica, and Europe. In these Continents there is a lot of stone. The hominids used the stone to make tools and they used the tools to hunt or protect themselves which helped them survive.

One of the reasons that this hominid group survived is because of there expertise tool making. They used there tools for many things one of them was to hunt. They would use a tool such as a bow and arrow to kill any animal they could find. Another reason was to from protect themselves from predators.

map of where doubly wise man lived doubly wise man is in red

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