Mary Easton Sibley

By Joanna Friesen

Mary Easton Sibley was born June 24,1800 she was born in Rome New York her father was Alibi smith Easton My Mother was Rufus Easton. Mary Easton Sibley was the first of eleven childrenfor the Easton family. Her father was appointed as territorial judge of the Louisiana Territory by Thomas Jefferson the president She was an early pioneer and she was an educator. Then Mary Easton Sibley became an ardent old school Presbyterian bilingual Bible to teach English  to the classmates. still back then they had slavery

Why she was famous

In 1827 the Sibley's moved in St. Charles. Mary started a little school in the town. She first taught her sister, then she taught a few town girls from her place, in 1853 a log house was built Linden wood . She boarded twenty students  then she made four thousand dollars when they got older in 1853 they deeded the school to the Presbyterian church .

Impact on other lives

By going to going to other kids houses and teaching them as if they were her students. She did this so if kids were sick or injured they would still have the ability to learn. That is how she became famous and made four thousand dollars .


She married George Sibley at 15 years old he was living in Fort Osage it was near modern day in Kansas City Mary Eaton Sibley took a boat to the Missouri river so she could get to the fort. The boat was small but she could not forget her piano so she made room the piano .

Famous Quot

Mary Eaton Sibley wrote: I hold our country will never prosper unless people get the knowledge. She died June 20,1878 she died in Linden wood University.