Linda Sue Parks

Linda Sue Parks was born on March 25, 1960 in Urbane, Illinois(Wikipedia). Linda has been writing stories and poems sense she was four years old. Linda has wrote 26 novels in the young adults and children genres. She has a degree in English from Stanford university and has advance degrees in literature while in Europe from the University of London and a Trinity college. She was married in Dublin, Irland and has two children, later moved to London where she was a ESL college  professor, then moved back to the U.S. She has workd as a  public relations writer for a major oil company, advertising agencies. ESL professor, and a food journalist. One of the best known novel that Linda wrote was The Long Walk to Water. This novel has two similar stories put together: the main story is about an eleven year old boy named Salva from 1985, in Southern Sudan while a civil war rages on between Northen Sudan and Southern Sudan. Northern Sudan is converting everyone to the Muslim religion, but Southern Sudan are a free religion country. Salva had to flee from his village so he could escape the northern sudan army. As the story goes on Salva led 1500 lost children, woman, and elderly to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kanya which was hundred of miles away through the southern sudan desert. The secondary story is about an eleven year old girl named Nya from 2008, Southern Sudan. Nya's family goes through some hard ships brought by her sister Illness. Both Salva and Nya goes through the hardships and learns lots of life lessons( novel is very moving and inspiring. You should go and read The Long Walk to Water.

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