Christmas Traditions Across The Ages – A Simple Explanation Of Many Age Old Customs

The holiday season always brings many ways in which you and your family get to reconnect with one another and spend some quality time together. There are customs unique to every family and there are traditions that have been continued in every household since time unknown. The whole point of it all is to bond with one another during the holiday season and celebrate the time as a family filled with love and togetherness. Christmas traditions have a unique way of inciting all these emotions in our hearts.

Many of us wonder about the actual story behind these amazing Christmas traditions and of course are inquisitive as to where they began. This article will help you quench your thirst for information. Here is a simple explanation of these age old customs and a brief description of the source from where they originated.


This is one Christmas tradition that none of us can ever forget – sipping eggnog with our families and loved ones as we spend some quality time near the fireplace. The whole idea of the delicious drink simply fills us with warmth. The actual tradition of drinking Eggnog actually dates back to the early 1600s when this winter beverage was developed as a British drink that included eggs, milk and ale. Today, people enjoy this amazing drink with or without alcohol.


How can you forget – the wreath of leaves and berries that you carefully place to catch your crush standing underneath it so that you can steal a kiss with them in the holiday season! The Christmas tradition is actually the legend of a Norse Goddess proclaimed the plant as a symbol of love, instead of death, which had previously been what it symbolized.

Christmas Trees

Druids placed evergreen branches over their doors, in the belief it would ward away evil spirits. The same tradition was later carried forward by the Germans and Scandinavians by placing evergreen trees in their homes as a hope for spring and fertility. It soon became the most widely followed Christmas tradition across the world.


This tradition is believed to have originated in England in the 1840s. Prince Albert of Germany had married Victoria of England, and the English peasants them took to pleasing the couple by singing carols. Today, the Christmas tradition of kids getting together and singing carols at all the houses in their neighbourhood is another way of the community coming out and celebrating as a single unit.

The Christmas pickle

This is one tradition whose origin is still a mystery. People believe that the custom of hanging the Christmas pickle actually began in Germany but the fact is quite debatable. The tradition, however has become a memorable part of the childhoods of all of us who used to seek out this hidden treasure from the Christmas tree to begin the much awaited gift opening task!

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