Peter Humberd Of Corvallis: A Dynamic And Talented Chef As Well As Entrepreneur

A person who establishes his name as one of the most reputed chefs and also owns a number restaurant chains is Peter Humberd of Corvallis. He is one of the best Italian chefs in the city. Italian food is popular all around the world and appreciated by a number of people. Presently, he owns four Italian restaurants which are known for providing amazing and authentic food to the guests. He is appointed as the head chef for the food festival that is to be held in the city this year in which he will be presenting his signature dishes to the visitors. This festival is one of the popular events in which a number of tourists from across the world come for being a part of it. He even hosts a reality food show that is produced by a well known production house.

He was born in Corvallis in an Italian family and his father worked at a famous Italian restaurant. He worked at this place in his childhood and from here he developed his interest in cooking. He learned the art of cooking from his mother, who used to bake cakes and breads for the neighbors’ to earn some extra money. He did his schooling from the city school and was sharp at studies. Later, he went abroad for higher education and pursued his bachelors degree from a recognized culinary school, where he polished his cooking skills. After he attained his professional training, he started working with a high profile hotel from where he learned the techniques of managing a restaurant. According to a statement given by him in an interview to an esteemed radio show, he can’t serve his guests that dish which he won't like to taste himself. A thing that can win hearts and brings a smile on everybody's face is known as tasty food. Peter Humberd Corvallis believes in a simple philosophy of cooking simple recipes with fresh ingredients that can make any dish taste great. He likes to experiment with things and this is reflected in his cooking style.

He got ranked as one of the best Italian chefs in town by a popular food magazine. Right now, he is working on his book that is based on healthy eating, which is to be launched next year. He is also planning of expanding his restaurant chains in different countries in coming years. He even writes a blog, where he shares his recipes with his followers and suggests them cooking tips. It is his passion, hard work of many years and sharp vision that made what he is today. Despite of having a busy schedule, he likes to travel and explore culture as well as food of various countries. Peter Humberd of Corvallis is married to an editor of a popular newspaper and blessed with two beautiful daughters. He is an inspiration for several people who want to establish their career in food industry.