Canada's Hero

By Jarvis Trenorden

Marc Garneau's life

Marc Garneau was born in Quebec city on February 23 1949. At 16 years old Marc  arrived at the College Military de Saint Jean.He received an engineering physics degree and a doctor's electrical engineering degree. Soon after that,Marc Garneau went and worked for the Navy for communications and warfare systems. Later in 1965 Marc was chosen to be one of six astronauts to fly to space with NASA.  He became the first Canadian to go to space. Then in 2001 he became the vice president of the Canadian Space agency,and one year later became the president of it until 2005. Marc Garneau married Pamela Garneau and had children named, Yves,Simone and Adrien. In 2008 he was elected into the canadian house of commons.

Marc in space

Marc Garneau has spent 677 hours in space and has been is three spaceships. These three spaceships were called The Challenger STS-41G in 1984, The Endeavour STS-77 in 1996 (and 2000) and the STS 97 . On the  Endeavour STS-77, Marc worked on "The Float Zone Experiment"and retrieved  "The Spartan Satellite " from possibly falling down to Earth using a robotic arm called "The Canadarm". Marc Garneau also helped deploy the radiation satellite to get good television reception. On the STS - 41G he did some aquatic research which means he looked down at the sea, looked at the coral and the trenches and made some maps of the ocean as well.  Marc Garneau also helped build The International Space Station.

When Marc Garneau was not working, he liked flying aeroplanes, scuba diving, playing squash and tennis. When Marc was twenty  years old he joined a thirteen man crew and sailed from Rhode Island to Cork in an eighteen metre yawl. Marc's father was also a General in The Canadian Armed Forces.

Marc Garneau is now retired and is sixty four. He has helped everyone for a lot of reasons. Marc has given us better television reception, has given the world more knowledge about the ocean and possibly saved the world by retrieving the Spartan satellite. Dr.Marc Garneau has changed the world forever and given everyone an exellent role model.