Greek Mythology- Poseidon
By: Brent Brison


Mythology is the way Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans used to describe natural disasters/events, but using gods and goddesses.

My Greek God or Goddess of choice

Poseidon, also known as Neptune in his Roman form.God of the sea, (Fresh and salt water), horses, and earthquakes.His symbol is the Triton.He has the powers of being able to control water current,s waves, tame horses with a snap, create earthquakes, and shape shift. When he does shape shift, he usually appears as a steed.

Mythical Creature/Beast

The Minotaur, half man, have bull browsed the labyrinth bloodthirsty for humans.This beast came to be who he is know for after Poseidon and Aphrodite cursed the wife of King Minos to fall in love with a bull.

A Greek/Roman Myth - Lesson taught

The King of Crete, Minos, lost his crown to Theseus after daring this man to retrieve his ring from the ocean.Not only did Theseus do this, but he got a crown from Poseidon's wife Amphitrite. This myth basically teaches all hard to do, almost impossible acts, aren't impossible.By this I mean you can logically do anything "realistic".

Modern Day Connection

Back then, there was someone named Pandora, who had a box, etc, etc.Today there is a music radio/track named Pandora where you can basically listen to all varieties of music.

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