Best work from home jobs

Yes, you are all probably acutely aware of the fact that 9-5 careers are fast becoming a thing of the past. While doing research for this article I came across an interesting article on Forbes stating that at the moment a phenomenal one in five Americans work from home. This statistic speaks for itself!

This trend seems to be the standard in all of the career paths across the globe including marketing, sales even engineering and medical work.

Jobs sites are constantly campaigning to get people to work for online work platforms and workers everywhere are gunning to get the best work from home jobs that don’t require any asshole boss or undesirable hours!

First before we delve deep into why online work is so awesome, Some of the following people are perfect for online jobs from home

-Some Parents who want to spend even more time with their kids

-Trailing military spouses, as they are constantly on the road it can be difficult to hold down a simple 9-5 job.

-Retirees needing supplemental income that they can complete on the side

-People with disabilities who do not have the physical build-up to complete these tasks

We have completed several hours of research to complete this list

Virtual assistant

Medical transcriptionist


Web developer/designer

Call center representative

Tech support specialist

Travel agent



Franchise Owner

There are several high paying jobs sites which are great for getting started with these jobs. As they say, everyone has to start somewhere!

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