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Make A Wish

What does a PR do?

A PR (or Public Relation) will do a lot of different things. The main idea however is marketing or campaigning. In these modern times most of the things a PR does is digital like a commercial, website, or social media account. Depending on the purpose of the business you are working with you will try out different outcomes. For example if you work for Apple you will try to get people to buy an Iphone, Ipad, etc. If your like me and are working for an organization like Make A Wish, you will try to get donations, inform people, or influence someone to volunteer. As you can tell a PR is a pretty important job. It is the difference of having a successful company or a bankrupt company.

Specific things a PR might do

-Give specific information to journalists about your company to promote it

-Run/organize a social media for your company

-Create a campaign or advertisement to get publicity for your company

-Organize events or fundraisers to earn donations or income for your company

-Send out announcements to inform people about your company or product

Skills a PR needs

A PR needs to be someone creative. You have to come up with new and original ideas to impress he public. You will also need to be good at speaking to people and persuading them with only you words. And a final skill is to be able to connect with people you havent met and have a good undersstandnig of advertisement and social media.

Work Area

A PR will generally work in an office or desk. They will often with other Public Relations or specialists. They will usually go to other companies and media sorces to meet and create buisness relationships all over exspecially with local buisnsses. Generally a PR will work around 9 hours a day, not on the weekends.

How to become a PR

A bachelor's degree is typically needed to break into the public relations field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, several academic majors will suffice for an entry-level position in public relations. Some of these academic majors include marketing, public relations, journalism, or communications. Above all, candidates for public relations positions need to have a degree in a field that stresses communication skills, and the ability to establish business and other professional relationships. Experience is generally required to work in the public relations field. One of the easiest ways to gain employment immediately after college is complete an internship during college. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that an internship specifically in the public relations field is the best way to gain entry-level employment, but internships in related fields can also lead to a public relations career.


A Public Relation's pay will range anywhere from $41,000 to $78,000 per year.

This is an example of an advertisement created for the Make a Wish foundation by a PR. This is a screenshot of the home page from

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