The Perishable Calender

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

They should write calendars in disappearing ink. They are perishable. When you have days on a calendar that are in the future, they represent possibility and promise. They are full of a future that has many directions and outcomes. But that future is not now. You cannot change the future in the future. When you look at a calendar that shows the past, it is nothing more than a concrete reminder of the decisions that you made. The promises you kept to yourself or others. The promises that you broke. You cannot change the future in the past. When you look at a calendar for today it represents your real life. “That’s what living is, the six inches right in front of your face”[1]. You can change the calendar for today. That is the only thing you can change. Every day you have a choice what to do. What to spend your time on. You have a choice to attack today’s calendar and push yourself towards your dreams. You also have a choice not to. When you wake up in the morning you have the best of intentions. This day will be different, you tell yourself. I will do the things I must do today. Today will matter! Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, many of us loose that focus. We open our eyes and we are in bed. The clock on our nightstand is solemnly approaching the end of this day while we momentarily reflect on our accomplishments for the day. We make plans for tomorrow and excuses for today. I was tired, I had too much to do. tomorrow will be easier. I will plan better for tomorrow. Deep down inside our consciousnesses the truth exists. Tomorrow will NOT be easier. Tomorrow will NOT offer more advantage. Your plan is NOT the problem. You must choose today as the day you will not give up on yourself. You must choose today as the day when you push your limits. You must choose today as the day to start living. Today is the only real path to your future. You CAN change the future today. Today will disappear from that calendar no matter what you do today. Choose to make it count.

[1] Speech from coach in “Any Given Sunday”