Jacket Buzz

November Edition

Photo Credit by Alexis Andreozzi

Jacket Pride

We had the pink out pep rally for breast cancer awareness last month. The cheerleaders had pink tutus, socks, pom poms, bows, and pink shirts that said “MMS Cheer.” In my opinion, I think that the whole student body did a great job of “pinking out” MMS. Even the football players had pink gloves, towels, and etc. to support the pink out movement. I personally am very glad that the MMS school district is raising awareness for breast cancer and shows spirit in many different ways.

Article by Arlinda Meta

Club Beat

Student Council President

Sarah Arcand

Today I interviewed the president of Student Council, which is Sarah Arcand. I asked Sarah what made her want to be president for Student Council and she said that she likes to be in charge and likes to make people feel good about themselves. The thing she wants to change for our school is that we should have enough time to eat lunch, because the lines are long. People at the end of the line don’t have time to eat.

Leading people in the right direction is what Student Council means to Sarah. I asked her what does Student Council do and she told me that they make decisions of what to do at the school and they also do fundraisers.

Sarah has three siblings two brothers 14 and 3 and a little sister that is 8. Her favorite subjects are math and science. She is also apart of Builders Club, participates in Model UN, and outside of school she does Girl Scouts.

Article by Karina Bautista

Girls Basketball

Athlete Spotlight

Kijah Bamberg is a new student here at Mineola Middle School. She moved here from Arlington, Texas. She is an amazing athlete and is on the A team for basketball. She plays a four on the court. She is also a starter. On the court she is serious about winning, but off the court she loves to celebrate when her team wins. So if you see Kijah around, welcome her to our school.

Article by Rachel Drennon

Boys Athlete Spotlight

This season Omar played kicker, linebacker, and tight end. Omar started off on B-team, but moved up to A-team. Over the season, Omar has hit hard, played to the best of his ability, and improved a lot.

Article by Preston Mosher

Cross Country Results

In the District Cross Country meet the girls got 2nd place overall! That is one of the best results for them ever. For some people cross country is their favorite sport. For some people cross country is their life. Training to get better, to keep pushing and driving their heart, soul, and lungs to do their very best. Then when they are done they feel like they are on top of the world, because of their hard work, dedication, determination, self discipline, effort, and love for what they do.

Article by Shaw Franklin

Academic Beat

Theater Arts

In theater arts, students are memorizing a saying warmup tongue twister. 7th and 8th graders have to learn the tongue twister by Friday. Here are some examples:

  • Toms wife Tanya left town on Tuesday for two weeks in Thailand.

            Tom is left with two tiny kids to take care of.

            Tom only knows how to cook Toast and tacos.

           Tonight tom will get tomatoes and put them atop of toast.

           Tomorrow he will get take out food.

          The next day he will stuff meat and potatoes into taco shells and present a tasty       

          treat to his two tiny tots.

  • Bobby Bibby bought a bat Bobby Bibby bought a ball.

            With his bat Bob banged the ball.

           Banged it bumped it against the wall.

          But so boldly Bobby banged it that he burst his rubber ball.

          Boo! Cried Bobby bad luck ball. Bad luck Bobby bad luck ball.

         Now to drawn his many troubles Bobby Bibby’s blowing bubbles.

  • What it to do to die today at a minute or two till two.

            A thing distinctly hard to say but a harder still to do.

           They’ll beat a tattoo at a twenty till two.

           A rat-ta-tat-tat ta-tat ta-tat ta-tat ta-tat till two.

          And the dragon will come at the beat of a drum at a minute or two til two today.

          At a minute or two till two.

See how fast you can say these. It took me 2 weeks just to say them let alone memorize them.

Article by Faith Rodriguez

Abby Hagan

Student of the month

Abby Hagan

Jamie Abigail Hagan is the December girl student of the month. She is in the 8th grade and was born August 25, 2001. She is very into school activities including, volleyball, track, basketball, and cheerleading. Her favorite subject is algebra and her favorite color is purple.

She is involved in F.C. A and Builders Club. In her free time she likes spending time with her friends and cheering. Her favorite sports team is the Texas Rangers. Her family consists of: her parents Amy and Kane Hagan and siblings Jonah and Jake Hagan. She plans on going to college at SFA and being a pediatrician.

Article by Tiara Stephens

Student Spotlight

Holden Stewart

Holden Parker Stewart was born November 26, 2000. His favorite subject is athletics and his favorite color is purple. He is really involed in school activities such as: Football, Basketball,Track, and Builders Club. In his free time he likes to ride scooters and drive. When he is not doing those things he is watching his favorite player Peyton Manning on his favorite team the Broncos. His family consists of his parents Chuck and Kristen Stewart siblings: Sydney and Miles Stewart. When he gets older he plans on going to college at BYU and become a land surveyor.

Article by Tiara Stephens


Turkey Mania

Everybody can’t wait until Turkey Mania Day. For the 6th graders that don’t know what I'm talking about, Turkey Mania is a day of play. You don’t have to do any school work and you get to purchase  snacks at the concession stand. There will be some exciting things like: Dodge ball tournament, Wii, xbox, and karaoke. I hope that this will be the best Turkey Mania yet. Have a fun time. Enjoy!

Article by Kaitlyn Burrel

Thanksgiving Break

This November, at MMS, Thanksgiving Break is what all of the excitement is about. Our break starts on November 24th and ends on the 28th. Hope you have a nice break!