Anasazi Civilization
100 B.C- 1300 A.D

The Anasazi where best known for established an extensive farming society and their buildings.


They where found in southern Utah, southwestern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico, and northern Arizona. In New Mexico the Anasazi had their own civilization called "Pueblo Bonita" also known as the "Beautiful town". In the middle of this town their was a large complex that contained about 800 rooms that could house for 1,000 people to live in.


This trip used canals and earthen dams to turn parts of the desert areas into fertile gardens to grow food. They use a Mtate to grind corn and their cooking was mostly done outside.They grew corn, squash, and beans. When their where droughts they would plant the seeds very deep in the dry soil so they cold get more water. They would store a lot of water if they ever had drought because of the location they lived.

Tools & Weapons

Stone daggers, spears, axes, bows and arrows where used by Anasazi. The Anasazi would set traps for the wild ducks and use bows and arrows to catch other types of animals. They used spears to kill animals and to make clothes after.


They made their house and buildings out of adobe. Adobe is a mixture of sand and straw that is then dried into brick. To get wood for a roof the Anasazi had to walk miles away to get it seance their wasn't much wood where they lived. When they built their towns they built them in high flat hills. The Pueblos had very few window or doors the people will move one level to another by ladder.


Woman and man wore different kind of clothes. They would also change their clothing according to the climate. The Anasazi would mostly wove their clothes with animal hair or leather.

Pottery & Baskets

Anasazi where skilled at making baskets and and beautifully pottery. They say that the pottery contained hidden clues about the people who made it. Most of the pottery was black and white.Then later on the style and design changed. They used yucca, apocynum, bark and other plant fiber to make the baskets to store food. The baskets they made where light and portable and suited their lifestyle. They were strong beautiful baskets from part of the yucca plant or wet willows that bent easily.


The kivas where sacred chambers for Anasazi ceremonies, they would have. The Anasazi worshiped the sun, fire, and serpents. A Kiva had a opening leading down to the ground. Each village would have mostly two Kivas per village because the Kivas where always separated from the living quarters.

What Happened to them?

Many think that the Anasazi left because of the climate. The climate effected the crops When the crops kept consistently failed, the people moved to a better location. They could have also left because they reached the limit of the natural resources available to them.

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