What Forces motivates the Characters?

By: Cornell Brown

OTK character situation 1

The motivation of Oedipus is to find out who killed Lauis. Oedipus does that by asking many people that were involved in that incident some questions.

OKT Character situation 2

Jocasta tried to lie to Oedipus. What motivated her to do that was so Oedipus wouldn't find out about his fate and who killed Lauis.


His father motivates him to be like him(a father). For an example in the poem it said "when I was young I loned for scars".

Lebron James

Lebron James had a poor life when he was younger. His father left him when he was younger, and his mom didn't have enough money. The struggle was real. So he was motivated to become a pro to support his mother. He spent countless hours in the gym trying to be the best he could be.

Bruce Wayne (a.k.a) BATMAN!

When Bruce was young he lost his parents. Ever since that day, he knew when he grew up he would want to protect Gotham city to make sure it is safe and making sure what happened to his parents dose not happen to anybody else's. So his parents dying motivated him to be Batman, also the crime rate as well.

Its a Hard Knock Life

In this song the kids want out of the orphanage. What motivates them to say that is the mean lady. The kids have a hard life as they say. They want to be free from that orphanage. They will do anything to change and get out of the orphanage. That lady must be mean.

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