Elements of Poetry

Figurative language : is writing that Is innovative and imaginary not meant to be taken literally.

Imagery: is writing or speech that appeals to the senses.

Metaphors:  describe one thing as if it were something else.

Similes:  use like or as to compare to unlike things

Speaker: is the characters, or voice who tells the story

Sound devices

Alliteration: is  the repetition of consonant sounds.

Assonance: is the repetition of vowels

Consonanse: is the repetition of the final consonant sound

Repetition: is a repeating sound or a word.

Rhythm : is the pattern of strong and weak beats, as well as pauses in a poem.

Rhyme: Is the repetition of sound at the end of words.

Structure of Poetry

Lines: help Poets add natural pause breaks

Rhyme Scheme: Is a pattern of rhyme in a poem

Meter: is rhymthmical pattern or arrangement of stressed syllables

Stanzas: Are the arranged groups of that create the appearance of a page or to organize thought.