Creator of Daoism

By Zachary Standley

Laozi was the creator of Daoism. He was a very kind, respectable, gentle person back in Ancient China, and many people followed in his footsteps to become like him. When he became one of the leaders of Ancient China, and was asked to help control China's people, he thought of using a more "delicate" approach to leading, so he created the peaceful form of Daoism that we know today. With this form of leading, if something bad were to happen, nothing else would happen to the criminal. He thought that any violence occurred with him, the people wouldn't like him and throw him out.

The "Yin Yang" is a symbol of the balance between opposite forces acting against each other to form one solid object. As people state, it "describes how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary". The Yin and Yang is a representation of the forces of nature, as Laozi described, combining together to form one solid force to make nature balanced and calm. "Good and bad must always be balanced!"

This is an image of the kind of place that Laozi would go to focus on becoming "one with nature". With Laozi, the only goal for life was to become purely focused, and to become, fully, "one with nature". He would meditate with the forests, the trees, the animals, with nature, and he would practice, practice becoming with nature. Once he was "one with nature", he became fully aware of his surroundings, and became even more peacefully than any one man could have been.

There were many connections in daily life with Daoism. Some of the major beliefs were that Older Siblings and Younger Siblings had a strong connection, Friends and Friends had strong connections, and Father and Mother had strong connections. With making these connections, Laozi thought that these particular people had stronger-than-usual bonds, forming everlasting relationships. Not only are these connections very specific, they are also very educated and understandable.

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