5 kewl labels

Raising Canes

Breaking Bad


Hot Funyuns


1. Raising Canes

I first started going to Cane's last summer. A friend of mine introduced me to it. A couple of reasons why I consistently go there is because the food is always amazing and so are the prices. Literally every time I go there I'm never disappointed. I have yet to be unsatisfied with their service.  If they were to raise prices, I'd still go there to eat. Just not as often.

2.Breaking bad

Breaking bad is my favorite show. I started watching last summer and ended up finishing all 5 seasons by November. It's all about drugs but it kind of teaches you a lot of really good lessons along the way. It gives you a whole new perspective on things. It's not your typical show you could watch with your family. It includes drugs, sex, violence, and profan

3. Crocs

Crocs are my favorite brand of shoes. They're comfortable, suitable for any weather, and they come in all different colors! You can also decorate them with cute and cool Jibbitz.

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