Rube Goldberg Project

I chose the Rube Goldberg Project. I chose it because it is fun to work hands-on and working on it with other people and hearing their ideas. I want to learn how everyday objects can be made  into a working structure. i wouldn't want to do this as a job because i wouldnt like doing it everyday but once in a while i would do it.

Research ( part 1)

We are think about putting a big zip line in it to move the objects and a pulley  to move the objects up or down.

Research (part 2)

i googled rube goldberg projects and got ideas from others. i watched videos on youtube of  other rube goldberg projects.

Question Answered (entry #4)

Our project is going to start on a swing  with a ball on it. it then will hit a ball  onto a track then the ball will land on a teder-toter . the other side of the teder-toter will hit a platform with a ball on it and that ball will fall into a cup, pulling down that cup and bringing up the other cup with a needle on the bottom an pop the balloon on the wall.

what were you finding out (entry #5 and#6)

some things were not working  so we had to come up with plan B to make it work.

what special  tecnical terms do you need to know (Entry #7)

tragectery is one of the terms i need to know and it means how the object will land.

New Questions and information (Entry #8)

we need to research on what to do to fix one of our stages. that stage wont work so we need to redue it or fix it.

Technical parts of your project (entry #9)

there is a swing that has to hit the ball right on and with enough power to get it down the track. we also have a canopolt the will shoot the ball into the hoop.

(entry #10)

we are working on stage 3. we are having trouble getting the ball to land in the teter-toter and making the other side go up.

(entry #11)

the project has been tedious an hard to figure out but i am kinda getting through it and figuring out what i need to fix or do to make it work.

(entry #12)

we changed our part of our project. it wasnt working well so we changed it by adding new stages or fixing the ones

(entry #13)

we are testing our project and having trouble getting it to work. we are trying to fix or and the little things to make it work.

YOU ARENT DONE! where do you from here?(entry #14)

i would like to make it sterdier once we are done. Also i want to put another groups project with ours. i want to add another  stage to make our project cooler.

What you are accomplishing now (entry #16)

we are finishing up the final stages and adding things if it is not working. Once we finish it we will be testing it and seeing if it works.

Did it Work? (entry #17-ish)

we did not get our project to work. we did finish it but it did not work. we needed more time to get it to work and fix the problems.

Reflections (entry #18)

With this project i learned that you can have many ideas with this project, this project is tedious and hard to do, there is a lot of ways to get a ball to move through your project, test your project a couple of times to see if it works well, you can always add on to this project.

Our project did not work well. we needed more time to think it through and it took awhile to set up. Also some stages need motified and worked on a little.

No this project did not make me want to pursue this subject more because i thought it was hard and tedious and took a lot of time.

Maybe i wished to have picked a better project because this was hard and tedious and i didnt really have fun but a little bit.

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2 years ago

Great job! I love that you are trying different things and coming up with other plans when things don't work the way you would like them to!

2 years ago

I like your thinking. Good work!

2 years ago

Great job Grace, you should keep going. I like your positive additude😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

2 years ago

Rube Goldbergs are cool.

2 years ago

Its good you were honest and very descriptive.