Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson Discovery

Henry Hudson famous discovery is the Hudson River in1609 and reached the HUdson Bay which is now New York.  So he had two famous discovery which were in the year of 1609.

Henry Hudson Sail

Henry Hudson sailed in 1607.  Henry sailed England to North America.Henry sailed to North Pole  but failed Hudson made 4 journeys  in his career. He decide to explore New York.

                                                                    Henry Hudson Route

In 1609 Henry Hudson began 4 trips hoping to find water through North America.    He could not travel forward  because there was ice stuck to his boat that he was gonna travel with.  As you see the boat on top of this paragraph. Henry Hudson was upset that he didn't reach his goal.

                             Fun facts about Henry Hudson

There is a bridge called Hudson Strait.  Hudson left England in April 1600.Henry Hudson spent his career different routes to Asia.  He returned to England without  achieving his goal. He married this girl named Katherine Hudson and his kids are named John Richard Oliver.  Henry Hudson came from England.

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