President and First Lady Push A Global Program to Help Educate Girls

      President Obama and his first lady recently released a program that will help girls receive an education worldwide. This organization relies heavily on the help of USAID and the Peace Corps who are already helping increase education around the world. They help poor families buy uniforms and pay school fees, and they also help educate teachers to be  better. This organization will take place in 11 countries at first, but it will expand farther.

"Every child is precious. Every girl is precious. Every girl deserves an education."

A weekly address regarding the Let Girls Learn initiative

What We Can Do To Help

In a modern world like ours, social media is a great way to spread a message. First we can find some businesses, small or large, that are willing to donate a money. Every time someone uses the #LetGirlsLearn those businesses will donate a dollar to the Peace Corps to help the progress of the initiative grow and it will also help the businesses by promoting them.

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