Kindergarten ELA Curriculum Support

Dear Kindergarten Teachers,

The purpose of this tackk board is to provide a place for teachers to find ELA curriculum support materials. The items below support the student outcomes for each unit. As a community of teachers, we are continuing to grow our collection of videos, anchor charts, links to websites and much much more. It is my hope you find this collection for resources helpful and supportive in planning your language arts lessons.


Laura Adlis


Letters & Sounds

Name Activities

Have students create a class name book, adding one page each day as a new student is celebrated as student of the day. The picture below is one way you could design the name book.

Use patterned sentences to practice sight words and learn about friends in the classroom. Use sentence starters such as He likes to ___. He is ___. He can ____. To learn about the student of the day and practice recognizing sight words.

Large Letter Cards to Build Names

Concepts of Print

Shared Reading

Reading Comprehension

I can tell who the characters are in a story that has been read to me.
I can name the topic of a nonfiction book that has been read to me.
I can give my opinion of a book that has been read to me.


literacy stations

Unit 2: Using Print, Pictures, and Patterns to Read & Write

Planning Unit 2

Letters & Sounds

Ways to work on letters & sounds NOT in your literacy block:

o High five letters on the door frame as they leave- velcro hands on the door frame.

o Lining up games- blending/segmenting, rhyming

Line up for recess- tell them a letter, they give you the sound

Give me a word that starts with a certain letter

Think of a word that starts like mom…..(alliteration)

o Transition games

Flash letters from your bag

o Around the building -

I spy

Working with Words & Sentences

I can read!!!!

Self Monitoring

Reading Anchor Charts and More

Reading Comprehension


Unit 3
Reading and Writing Fiction

Teach children to fall in love with characters with great read alouds!

Unit 4
Reading and Writing Nonfiction

Morning messages grow over time to meet the needs of emergent readers and writers

Word Solving & Self-Monitoring

I understand that some consonants blend together in words

Segmenting and Blending Sounds


Unit 5
Thinking About Different Kinds of Texts

Author's Purpose


Poems that teach us something....


Writing Poetry

Poems are Songs

Working With Words

Consonant Clusters

(Only use first half of this video with Kinder)

Short vowel vs. Long vowel

Blending & Segmenting

Reading with Phrasing and Fluency

Unit 6
Using Everything I know to Read and Write Stories

Ut, ing, ay,  ike, ake...

Singular vs. Plural

Compound Words

consonant clusters & diagraphs

Writing Stories

Dear Kindergarten Teachers,
I hope this tackk has been helpful to you this school year. Please see the list below if you would like to contribute to this forum. Any suggestions can be left in the comment stream.

Laura Adlis

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