Individualism and Knowledge

   What is individualism? Individualism is keeping your purity and self identity. Not conforming to a political party or a certain group because you feel pressured to. It's choosing your own identity and not following something just because someone wants you to. This is important because without people having some of their own individualism, everyone is doing the same thing. There would be no change in the world, no diversity, no difference in opinion. Being an individual makes you a better person by allowing you to form your own opinions and be independent.                                                                                                                

   Why is knowledge important? Without knowledge there would never be any growth in society. Everyone should be entitled to it and be able to gain as much knowledge as they want. There would never be any advances in society if people didn't place an importance on knowledge. Having more knowledge will help you better understand the world you live in. It will also enable you to make better and more educated decisions in your life.

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3 years ago