Louis Armstrong

Who was Louis Armstrong? Now I know a lot of people may not know him but he was very important to the music industry. So in this biography I will discuss with you the life and accomplishments of Louis Armstrong! So enjoy!

Louis Armstrong was a very famous Jazz musician, I mean he was one of the best who ever lived! Armstrong had helped build Jazz into a popular music genre for all ages and races. Now Mr.Armstrong was born on August 14,1901. He was  in a lot of famous songs, and one of his most famous was "Star Dust"! I really recommend that song if you like Jazz. Armstrong had made dozens of records before his death on July 6th, 1971. He had been to a couple bands which include, Red Onion Jazz Babies, Louis Armstrong And His Hot Five, and Louis Armstrong And His Hot Six.

Now lets get into the more personal life of Louis Armstrong! Well as I said before, he was born on August 14,1901. He had grown up mainly with his grandparents because his father had left him when he was very young. To add to that, his mother could barely take care of him so she sent him to his grandma and grandpas. But when he was just thirteen he went to a colored only jail because he shot his grandpas shotgun on New Years Eve! Sadly he had never gone to college. But when he was of age to marry, he first married a prostitute by the name of, Daisey Parker. Later he got invited to his old mentors band, The Creole Jazz Band! But sadly his wife did not like the fact that they were moving so she left him and he went on to live his life long dream. So he went to Chicago to join the band. So as he played with that band a lot of others noticed his talent and instantly wanted him  to join their band. But one of the offers caught his eyes, and he took it. Now in a band in N.Y.C he met his new wife, Lil Harden Armstrong. They played together in that band for a while but then Louis and Lil went back to Chicago. Then he died by a heart attack in his sleep on July 6,1974.

Now I don't know about you but I think this man deserves to be recognized! So to me I think that he is being recognized for his help in making Jazz a big hit. Also, for showing us that us that if you follow your dreams you'll be successful.

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