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Capital SurceMajor Languages: Spanish, Leco, puquinaLocation: South Americapopulation: 1o.67 Millionage. expectancy is 66.373 major bodies of water: Lake Titicaca, lake maracaiabo, and guapay river.the average temperature in Bolivia is between 26 degrees to 57 degrees F. And the average rainfall is 1146 mm per year. the sport futbol also known as soccer in America is the Biggest sport in Brazil.major foods in Bolivia are tropical fruits, vegetabels,and herbs and spices.bolivian music styles like bolivian clothing 3 songs from bolivia are: The Saya, Caporal, and Morenada.Bolivia is between Brazil and chile. Bolivia Shares borders with Argentina, Paraguay, and Peruthe. climates are hot and humid to cold and semiarid. Bolivia has the highest percentage of indigenous people in its population. Brazil is one of the few countries with two Capitals. Native animals in Bolivia are Jaguars, the maned wolf, the giant outter, and the short - tailed chinchilla Unbeknownst to many people in bolivia.

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