Dutch East India Company

I am a Dutch East India Company Official and I travel across Asia trading goods. The Dutch East India company is a very big company.

The Dutch East India Company was established in 1602. I was employed in 1650. The Dutch East India Company was the first multinational company. Also it was the first company to keep and issue stock.

This is me. My job is to help command this revolutionary monopoly. I work with the captains of a trade ships. I started working for the Dutch East India Company in 1653. I started working at the VOC in its prime. I have a very busy life. I travel around and I trade things for silver. I travel a lot of places to different warehouses. I sail from the Dutch Republic to Asia. That is why it is called the Dutch East India Company.

This is my ship. Traveling is hard. Especially with all of the passengers on the boat. We pack in tightly and sleep in between decks. It gets crowded. On this ship, we can travel about 8 miles an hour. We usually reach our destination in 8 months. Only two or three fleets of ships go out on this voyage per year. We stop at trading stations on the way there and back.  

This is the map of all of the trade routes that are used in my company. It also shows what we would trade in certain countries. All of the goods that we trade vary because we trade a lot to different countries and different countries have different needs and wants.

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