Symptoms of Salmonella

The symptoms of salmonella could be things like fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.

Incubation Period

Salmonella is incubated aerobically for 24 hours at 35 degrees celsius.

What is Salmonella?

Salmonella is an infectious bacterium that occurs mainly in the intestine, especially a serotype causing food poisoning.

Type of People at Risk

Older adults, pregnant women, and people with chronic illnesses are at risk for contracting the disease.

Foods That Cause Samonella

Salmonella comes from any type of food that is contaminated and not cleaned properly.


Typically salmonella is self-limited condition (takes care of itself) but some cases can lead to kidney failure, brain and nerve damage, and even death.

Tips on how to Prevent Salmonella

Following this list of steps can  help you prevent salmonella.

Dr. Cynara Coomer talks about what to look out for if you think you have been infected with salmonella

The inserted video is explaining if you were to prepare chicken how you would do it without contracting Salmonella.

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