John V. Goebel

Career Over View

An Electrician's main jobs are to install, test, and maintain electrical systems. They may be asked to fix electrical objects also, like outlets, light bulbs, and underground electrical lines. It is a good paying job and has a good outlook.

Helpful High School Courses,

Carpentry, Construction, Electricity, Electronics, Industrial parts, and Physical Ed.

Needed Skills and Abilities are Communication,

Reason and Problem Solving, Manages: Oneself, People, Time and Things. They also need to be able to work with people and new things and visualize and perceive their job.

Working Conditions,

Interpersonal Relationships, Physical Work, Work Performance, Long Hours, and Traveling.


Education after High School, be at least 18 years old and in good physical condition, have GED, on the job training (apprenticeship). There is a possibility that you could have Military Training to be an Electrician if you join the Military.


Minnesota- Hourly $29.88, Yearly $62,140                                                                                           United States- Hourly $23.71 Yearly $49,320

Employment Outlook,

Minnesota- Good                                                                                                                                  United States- Okay

Programs of Study,

Electrical and Power Transmissson, Construction Trade, Electrical and Electronics, Engineering and Technology

Program Choices Over View

Electrical and Power Transmission, prepares people to work as licensed Electricians.

Program Admisson,

Getting High School diploma or GED

Typical Course Work,

Blue Print reading, Communication, Cranes and Elevators, and Electronics

Some Related Programs,

Construction, Pluming and Water Supply, and Construction Trades

Schools that offer this Program,

Minnesota State and Technology College Moorhead, St. Cloud Technology and Community College

College Name/ Program of Interest (MN State Community and Technology College Moorhead)

Location: Moorhead, Minnesota

Enrollment of College: Public


Type of School: Two Year                                                                                                                        School Setting: Rural                                                                                                                               Location and Size of nearest city: Moorhead is just north of the college, the size is 38,566 people.       Co-ed, Male or Female: it is a Co-ed college                                                                                     Religious Affiliation: none

Admission Requirements,

Deadline: Fall- August 15, Spring- January 2                                                                                            Test required, including writing tests- ACT                                                                                        Average Test scores, GPA, Rank- Accuplacer Assessment is used for placement                               


My major offered- Electrician                                                                                                           Accreditation- Yes                                                                                                                              Student-Faculty ratio- Low faculty to student ratio                                                                             Typical Class Size- 25-40 students

College Expenses,

Tuition, Room and Board- $5,298                                                                                                     Estimated Total Budget- about $7,000                                                                                              Application Fee, Deposits- None

Financial Aid,

Deadline in Apply- Fall- July 1                                                                                                         Required Forms Needed- School Form, FAFSA, SARS                                                                     Scholarships Available- Need-Based Scholarships and Merit-Based


Resident Hall (options)- They have on campus housing for students                                                    Food Plan (options)- There is food services available on the campus   


Clubs, Organizations- Student Organizations, BPA, DECA                                                                           Greek Life- None                                                                                                                            Athletics, Intramurals- NJCAA

Campus Visits,

Schedule visits to look around the school                                                                                         Special Opportunities- One on One learning opportunity

Plans to Reach My Goal

There is a couple steps I am going to have to take:

1. Pass High School with flying grades and a good score on my ACT Test

2. Look at colleges that have the classes to take to become an electrician. See what colleges fit me best.

3. Go to college to become an Electrician. Keep good grades and finish off college with a good GPA.

4. After finishing college, do my apprenticeship and start to become an Electrician.

5. Go into the career field that I went to college for.

6. After getting good ideas from people in the Electrician business, and start my own Electrician business.

7. Die a happy man.

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