We come in and get our Chromebook. Start reflex and sometimes prodigy.Then we head into math we work on sometimes decimals,adding,subtracting and multiplication patterns like what order of business. Then we start on reading and work on our Africa projects.

Music Mania - Elective #1

Elective#1 week two

Music Mania with Mrs. Paterson. We do instruments and sometimes get to use beach balls. It is super fun to do because then we sing along while we drum on on the balls.

Elective #2 week two

Arts and crafts I have it with Donnie and Mrs.Winston yesterday we made duck taped pencil holders. The day before that we did a sugar skull. The first day we did a color wheel.

I love cheer-leading in summer school because it is a time where you can be with your friends. And at the end you can make up your own cheer. My friends who are in it with me are Savanna,Kara,Jillian and Kennedy. It is so fun!!!!

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