more than an Irish breakfast.

I want you to know a little bit better the Irish culture,so,we are going to work just shutting our eyes and see (and know) an incredibly beautiful town,and not only in our imagination... Let's see.

Let's discover Dublin

Look,think & "analyze"

Look carefully this slideshow in which I show you my perception of Dublin. There are lots of photographs. They are related to different aspects of life I want you to notice.

The slides are related to:

  • Ways of living (a)
  • Something bizarre for foreign people (b)
  • Buildings,houses,churches,...landscapes. (c)
  • Pubs (d)

Have a look!!!

Bacon is more than a British breakfast: Discover why!!

Dublin versus your village.

Tools you will need

To raise the level of achievement

If  you are really interested in Irish culture,I'm going to give you an opportunity of learning a litte bit more.

This is one of the best well known legends of  Irish mythology.

Read the legend and watch the film,and after it,...

...You will create a beautiful illustration based on this legend,and using the artistic technic you prefer -crayons or tempera.

Add your opinion

Did you have fun? Did you learn something more? Explain it with your own words.