A Reflection- Chirung Desai

self-concept theory- the image we have of ourselves; our perception or image of our abilities and our uniqueness

We see this theory in everyday life because everyone is judging themselves in some way.  That is what the whole theory is about:  developing your self-image and how it changes.

The picture below represents the four components that make up self-concept.

As seen above, 75% of self-concept is your "self" image. How it has been (past), how it is currently (present), and how it will be (future).

Final reflection:  English 112 and PE have changed me mentally and physically, respectively.  English 112 mentally drained me during the course of the semester but I now realize how it helped me.  That class has definitely made me a better writer even though at times it never felt like that way.  Just like the self-concept theory is about us having an image of ourselves, I now have a good image of myself in the writing aspect.  PE changed me physically because I had weight training so naturally, if you have a good body, then your self-esteem will be boosted.  I learned how to better myself by eating healthy and working out regularly to make my self-concept image the best it can possibly be.  The reason behind the song above is because the title and the lyrics.  I feel like the repetitiveness of "I'm the man" makes me feel better like "Yeah, I can do anything now." I believe my self-concept image is very strong with a high self-esteem.

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