Relationship Issues Due To Sexual Incompatibility – Counseling Can Help

We all grew up hearing stories from our grandmother about the prince charming who would come riding on a white horse and would take us away in his dream world. Similarly, the fairytales like that of Cinderella, Snow white.. all taught us the same lessons of a prince charming kissing in the end and ‘they lived happily ever after’ story. But is that the end to it?


That’s not even the beginning. The real life relationships are lot more different.

Sex plays an important role in every marriage. A lot of people do not have a ‘happily ever after’ relationship like the fairytales and one of the reasons behind this fact is not having sexual satisfaction in the relationship. The love that once they had in the relationship tends to fizz out. Those people thought once to be inseparable have issues that were that were unresolved and are now hampering the relationship. Yes.. Sexual incompatibility can lead to end of your relationships.

I had friends who were madly and deeply in love with each other for five years. Their story seemed to be perfect, right out of a romantic movie. But actual troubles began when they began to live together. They weren’t compatible sexually, hence, it led to various conflicts on everyday basis about minutest of things which once brought happiness in the life of the couple.

Well.. There are lots of reasons for having such issues. May be you have an issue of holding back and letting go is not an easy process. Your sexual issues could be physiological or organic. Now there are various people whose help you can take away for your problems. There are various websites that are available online who offer couples counseling. And there is no harm in consulting one. A therapist would detect what kind of problem it is. Whether it is an organic or a physiological problem? An organic problem would need medical help too.

Most of the cases generally belong to physiological issues. Couples counseling and therapy may be used to heighten your sensual involvement and to help you to be fully present while engaging in sex. There are times when your anxiety doesn’t let you satisfy your partner. Your counselor help you let go off the anxiety from within.

So a few sitting may be is all you need to help get out of the relationship issues that you have been facing. Yes if you have dreamt of having a ‘happily ever after’ life, a little help can get you that perfect relationship. Sexual compatibility is no more the kind of issues which cannot be sorted or that should lead to the downfall of a relationship. This therapy can be all your relationship needs to come out of the doldrums and regain its old fervor. All you need to do is figure out the right couples counselor over the internet by surfing through a few websites and leave everything in the hands of your therapist.

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