By The Amazing Doctor Hellard

Robert Waltons boat

Robert Walton is in hes boat trying to find a new path to get to the north pole, and finds a man floating on ice and his name is victor frankenstein.

making the monster

And frankenstein has a story about how is has made this monster and it has made his life bad and he is trying to catch him and kill him.


so victor makes the monster at his school and brings it to life but is scared of the monster and runs away from it and is now heaed back to home in Geneva.

kills boy

so now the monsters hurt and really mad so he knows the kid has the same name as frankenstein so he monster kills the boy

farm house

so now the monster starts telling him about the small farm house he stays around and about the people inside and how he learns to talk

old blind man

and in the house there is an old blind man and he wants to talk to him and get him to help him talk to the other people and so they wont be scared but it dont work

perfect girlfriend

now the monster tells him he is tired of being alone and he better make him a girl o he will keep killing people

mad man (monster

he gets scared that both will kill and make babies so he rips her apart and the monster gets really MAD

victors wife

monsters still mad for killing his girl so he kills his wife on the night of the wedding

gonna kill himself

monster fills really bad for everything so now he is going to kill himself

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