"Well hello every one my name is Tyler Oakley " - Tyler Oakley

"where are all my bae at"- Miranda sings

"peace on the street saaann"-Bf vs gf

"happy little pill "-Troye Sivan

these youtubers and many more is what makes me me my name is Alex Ortiz  and i do admit i am a very different form other people i have a very fun personality  and some weird dreams of becoming a Wwe entertainer aka a wrestler and yes i do know that is weird because many people don't chose their dream to be a wrestler  but some people are different than others ,my life is full of ups and downs and craziness i do like youtube , youtube is a big part of my life i dream ,eat,repeat  youtube i remember the first time i met some youtubers like Joey Graceffa ,Miranda sings ,Tyler Oakley  ,Joe Sugg ,Ctfxc and many more that was amaze-balls  i was born in El Paso Tx 2001 July 17 :)

this is where i met my other half (Miranda sings)

my favorite youtubers merchandises

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