Blog #1
By Quin Hogg
Teacher: Barrisford
March 28th 2014

Steve Harmon a sixteen year old African American boy who was look out for a crime that ended in murder and his admittance into jail is the narrator of this story. The reader of this novel can connect with him because of his journal entries. This novel is written as a script so his little bits from the journal he is writing help us learn a little bit more about him and where he is coming from. So far in this novel I have been able to believe him and his side of the story, he is a very believable character. I find the fact that he is so surprised about the things that go on in jail interesting, well I guess young boys aren't suppose to know what jail is like but I think that is also where his lack of knowledge kicks in. "They say you get use to being in jail but I don't know how" (page 2 monster) is quote shows how frightened this boy is and how hard it is for him to get his mind wrapped around his new surroundings. "I'm scared" (page 15 monster) this quote shows the little bit of hope Steve puts forth when thinking about winning the trial, if you think you're going to win why be scared right? O'brian is Steve's lawyer. I think he is going to be a problem for Steve because I don't think he is going to fight as hard as he knows he can to win the case. I think O'brian just wants to make some cash and get out of the courtroom. "Good you should be." Was O' Brian's repo to Steve saying he was scared. If O'brian was going to fight hard he would heave said "don't worry about it I got this all under control" but he didn't. (Page 15 monster)

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