Analysis about Roomes for Rent in Singapore

In Singapore, not all people can afford to buy a house, and more and more people immigrated to Singapore, so rooms for rent Singapore becomes a great trend. Even though it become a trend, it still a lot of people are confused about gathering the information about room rental. Just like other reports, if you want to find out more about the housing price, you need to have a value analysis.

According to the analysis of statistical data and the tendency of housing price in Singapore, rooms for rent Singapore prices increased year by year. The average rental price of Singapore in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 are S$668, S$670, S$680 and S$693. From this, we can see that the annual growth rate of about 2%. Depending on the statistics of the monthly rental, Singapore at the end of the year when the rental price is the most expensive than the extra time and it rose about 5%. The main reason stems from the fact that a large number of students and workers rent a room during the Spring Festival and a new batch of students and migrant workers coming to Singapore, after the signing of the contract to increase the rent.

Singapore's inflation of about 3% a year and single rental prices rose considerably. Singapore by real price for S$240, almost the same. A single room for two people is sharing a room that four people live together is also considered to share a room so it is not to be able to accurately reflect the housing market trends.

Singapore room generally a room for 3 people to 4 people, two people live in good condition, bad conditions of 8 people live there, it may be illegal. Although the government of Singapore in recent years has been to suppress prices, but because of the strong support of the prices of rooms for rent Singapore, it is not supposed to have a great decline.

Through the above mentioned analysis about rooms for rent Singapore , you believe that the reason for Singapore rental price and the price rising a little to understand and feels distressed. As far as I am concerned, if you study in Singapore, and you feel distressed about the prices, you can choose a good friend to share a room so that you can reduce the burden and increase exchanges as well as promote feelings.