Wonder Project by Bearre

character's  tie to the theme

The most importent theme in August's life is when he learns alot about honesty.He learns about honesty because he hears his best friend bad mouth him.He feels like he has know one to trust.But then Jack stands up to Julian (The school bully) by punching him in the mouth becuase Julian was being mean to August.Then when August hears that Jack punched Julian becuase he bad mouthed him August felt that he had someone to trust. It was importent for August because he's deformed and alot of peaple don't want to be near him and Jack was one of the peaple who din't care about  his face so for August to know he can trust him is a big deal.

Character's influence

August had a big impact on Summer's life because it seperated her from the popular group because she decided to sit with him at lunch.They became really good friends even though there two diffrent peaple.Summer is beutiful and popular .August is deformed and not popular.Jack had the biggest impact on August because he was his first real friend.August knew this because when Julian,Charlate,and Jack took him on a tour through his knew school Beecher prep.Than at the autorium Julian started being mean so Jack said SHUT UP JULIAN!Thats how August knew he was his friend.

Art Representation :)

I chose this piece is by Claude Oscar Monet, I chose this painting for August becaouse its like August at first it looks ugly but when you stop and look at it (or get to know him) its beutiful. #wonder